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Hot Water Systems

Having cold showers? Does your hot water system need repairing or replacing?

Here’s Why Your Choice of Hot Water System is Critical

Did you know that around 25% of the total energy that is used in your home, is used in heating water? That’s why your choice of hot water system is so important. It’s a fine balance between money in your back pocket and making sure your system is effective enough to meet the needs of your whole family. Anyone who has looked into changing their hot water system will tell you that the number of options available is overwhelming. The really good news, though, is that the team at TASM are here to help you through that process!

Your Local Hot Water Plumber for Emergency Hot Water

We are knowledgeable, which means that we understand all the different systems available and can help guide you through the process of which one will work best for you, your family and your back pocket.

We are reliable and that’s good for you because generally your hot water dies when it’s the most inconvenient, so our experience in servicing and installing the many different kinds of systems makes the process of getting your hot water back on quick and easy.

Common issues we fix:

We have a great deal of experience with a range of different hot water systems. We can help with repairs or installations, and recommendations and advice on any of the following:

  • Replacement of hot water systems
  • Installation of hot water systems
  • Replacement and installation of tempering valves
  • Gas instantaneous and gas storage systems
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Anode replacement
  • Low hot water pressure issues
  • Fluctuating temperature or no hot water
Hot water system wollongong plumber

Frequently asked questions:

If you need a new hot water system or you want to find out more information that is relevant to you, give us a call for a free, no obligation discussion about your options. Our work is always 100% guaranteed.


When Should I Replace my Hot Water System?

If you notice that your hot water system is leaking from the cylinder, generally this means the system is rusted through or has failed and it is time for a replacement system.


What is involved in upgrading gas storage to instantaneous gas?

The key factors involved are that you need to have a 20mm gas supply, as well as a 20mm water supply. A 20mm hot water supply will also need to be run as far as possible as well as a power supply.


Why do I Need a Tempering Valve on my Hot Water System?

Australian legislation requires all new and replaced hot water systems must be fitted with a tempering valve limiting the temperature to a maximum of 50 degrees to protect infants and the elderly from scalding.


How Long do Hot Water Systems Last?

The average lifespan of a hot water system is approximately 10 years. Most systems have a 10 and some even a 12 year warranty. Anything over this time frame is a bonus. You can tell that you need a new system if water is leaking from the cylinder or the water coming out of your hot water taps is a dirty or rusty colour. This generally means the tank has rusted through or has failed. We use Reece Plumbing for our supplies and materials because they only supply quality and their warranties are awesome. This helps enable us to always be reliable with our work.


How Much is a Hot Water System?

The price varies considerably depending on the type of hot water connection you have and the rating of the unit you purchase. The Reece Plumbing website is a great starting point for getting prices of the unit you’re looking at replacing. Our plumbers have a very good idea of the price ranges of all the tanks we recommend so give us a call for more relevant information to your own situation. Our prices cover all the valves and pipework being replaced which is highly recommended for maximising the efficiency of your tank. We also remove and dispose of your old tank, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy a hot shower!


Are Electric Hot Water Systems for us?

Just like a kettle, an electric storage tank heats water using an electric element and stores that hot water for use as needed. They are the cheapest hot water unit to purchase. Heating costs vary according to peak/off peak times and they have lower replacement costs. They are not generally the most efficient or cost effective system.


Are Gas Hot Water Systems good?

Gas storage hot water systems heat water and store it for immediate use. Alternatively, continuous flow hot water units heat the water as it flows through coiled pipe, which means you’ll never run out of hot water. Continuous flow units are much smaller in size than storage units. They provide your home or workplace with instant hot water when you need it, and only when you need it. A gas continuous flow hot water system is designed to heat water only when you turn a hot water tap on and keep delivering hot water until that tap is turned off again. Not only will you never run out of hot water, but you will also save a substantial amount on your energy bills. The 5 star Rheem Stellar in our opinion is the pick of the bunch with gas storage hot water systems. It produces 360L of hot water in the first hour, compared to 230L from the more common 4 star units, and does it more efficiently saving money in your back pocket.


What is Involved in Upgrading Gas Storage to Instantaneous Gas?

This is a popular question, and why wouldn’t it be? Gas continuous flow hot water systems are reliable alternatives that make the most sense for modern Australian families and businesses. By installing a gas continuous flow unit in your home or at your workplace, you’ll save on your gas usage which will drop your utility bills. You can also rely on never running out of hot water, so no fights for the bathroom first thing in the morning! Most people will switch off their gas hot water system when they go on holidays to save on usage but with a gas continuous flow unit, that’s no longer a problem. So you’re also offsetting some of your carbon footprint by minimising your unnecessary gas usage making them the best planet-friendly hot water system available. To upgrade, you need to have a 20mm gas supply, as well as a 20mm water supply. A 20mm hot water supply will also need to be run as far as possible, as well as having an electrical power supply.


Are Solar Hot Water Systems the best?

Evacuated tube electric hot water systems are solar powered alternatives which convert the sun’s energy into useable heat to deliver hot water to your home, your pools or your workplaces. Solar hot water systems help not only to protect the environment by using clean energy direct from the sun, they will also help to dramatically drop your energy usage costs.


What Size Hot Water System do I Need?

Go to the Reece Plumbing Hot Water Selector Tool for a great interactive resource which can help you determine the best size system for you based on your water usage and the number of people in your home. It also gives starting prices for the unit as well as other similar options. Give us a call and we can advise you on what size will work best for you.


Do You Repair Solar Hot Water Systems?

There are some repairs we can do with solar hot water systems, depending on the system. If you have a problem, give us a call, we also have contacts we can recommend to you if it’s something we think would be better serviced by someone else.