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Here’s where we post our news and help our customers with plumbing advice.

Support local competition – Cafe Niche

Our Support Local Business Competition kicked off with a bang last month! We received so much positive feedback from our first competition and we were stoked with being able to give some exposure to some local businesses we love. Our hope is that by spending a little bit in our local community, we can promote…

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Competition – Support local

Being a small business, we know how important word of mouth is, as well as how crucial support from others is, in running a successful business. We are so fortunate to have the support of awesome customers, family and friends. And our TASM followers are the best. Around this time of the year we usually start thinking…

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The future of plumbing is here!

As most of you would know, at TASM we’ve never been ones to take things too seriously. We do like to keep things light with a laugh here and there, usually at our own expense. Now more than ever before, we thought there is room for some more smiles in the world. We need to…

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Christmas hours & Emergency plumbing

The silly season is upon us again. We’ve had another great year at TASM, thanks to all our loyal customers and supporters. We are very grateful for another year of doing what we love and trying to provide the most friendly, fast and reliable plumbing service in the Illawarra. We like to chill and have…

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Stormwater at home

Stormwater is the water draining off an area from the rain that falls on the roof and land, and everything it carries with it. Soil, leaf litter and organic matter. It is an important part of a household plumbing system. In residential areas stormwater is generated by rain runoff from roofs, roads, driveways, footpaths and…

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Book online – Best plumbers in the Illawarra

Life is crazy busy. We get it. Does anyone else have the issue of waking up to start the day with a few loose ends they’d like to tie off throughout the day and then sits down at the end of the day and remembers…all those loose ends still untied. Gah!! The appointment they forgot…

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Backflow prevention – RPZ Valves

Sydney Water has very strict regulations regarding the drinking water supply, for the health and safety of the public. Backflow Prevention is a very important part of these regulations. Backflow prevention devices are used to protect potable (or drinkable) water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow.   What is Backflow and how can…

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Our new van – Poop mobile.

It hasn’t been all that long since we updated our vans. Around 12 months ago we gave our vans a little more than a breath of fresh air, and there is not a day goes by that we are not thankful for the team of people who helped us bring them to life. We have…

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Win a new toilet or filtered sink tap!

It’s been a little over a year since our last competition. It was so much fun! So we decided that given the introduction of the new poo van, we would celebrate with another competition to thank our loyal customers for their support, loyalty and referrals. We recently conducted a poll on our Facebook Page to…

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Friendly. Fast. Reliable.

We always hear a lot of complaints from customers about the difficulty of finding a local plumber… having one call back… having one answer their phone… having them turn up on time… having them turn up at all!      We ourselves have been on the receiving end of tradies who don’t answer the…

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Reasons to Love an Outdoor Shower!

We’ve installed a few outdoor showers over the years and we think they are a hidden gem, for many more reasons than the obvious…So we’ve compiled a list of reasons to have an outdoor shower installed (handy if you’re trying to convince another half that you need one!) Cleaning Kids Let’s start with the obvious…outdoor…

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We unblock drains and gutters. Keeping your home fire safe!

After another hot, Australian summer we’ve seen many bushfires rage throughout NSW. We couldn’t begin to imagine the devastation caused to a family due to a fire in their home. One of the easiest and best preventative measures is to unblock drains and clear your gutters! We were reading some of the information that the…

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Mixer tap special

What a year we’ve had. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us yet again, but as usual it creeps up and leaves us wondering where the year has gone and how much time flies. They say time flies when you’re having fun. We’ve obviously had a lot of fun at TASM this…

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Our new vans are ready!

We could not be any more excited!!! While our Mitsubishi Express vans have been reliable and hardworking over the years, they just didn’t fit in with our new branding (which we are loving!). So we have upgraded the vans as part of our new look. They are everything we could have hoped for and then…

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Our new website is live!

With our awesome new vans and logo, it was only fitting that we upgrade the website to match! This has been a long process, luckily our marketing guy has a lot of patience! We really want our website to be informative for our customers. Plumbing is a very diverse business, and there are many services…

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