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Stormwater. Are you prepared?

October 13th, 2020

Spring is here, and has there ever been a year where it has been more welcomed?! 

The Bureau of Meteorology has declared a La Niña is officially underway, signalling we could be in for a wet spring and summer. You would have to remember the last major La Niña event we experienced in Australia…it was back in early 2011 when Queensland suffered their most disastrous floods on record. Some awful stories and images came from the disaster, it was devastating. We should be prepared this spring and summer for more cyclones and flooding, particularly in northern and eastern Australia. Now is definitely the time to make sure your stormwater is running efficiently and to protect your home from flooding in those pesky pooling areas. While it is a welcome change to the dramatic events of last summer, stormwater is still very dangerous if your house is not prepared for it.

A blockage in your stormwater system can cause major issues and flooding around your home if stormwater points are not managed effectively. 

Common causes of stormwater blockages are:

  • Tree roots that have worked their way into pipes
  • Dirt, debris and leaves blocking drain points

How to prevent stormwater issues in your home

  • New homes are rarely built with enough surface water runoff points. It is a good idea to put in additional stormwater points before concreting
  • In older homes, stormwater wasn’t considered a high priority so in a lot of cases homes are not equipped with enough downpipes or with undersized piping
  • Get your roofs and gutters cleaned regularly
  • Install gutter guard on your roof gutters to prevent large objects or a build up of debris from blocking the drain points.
  • Run extra stormwater drain lines in areas prone to pooling / flooding during heavy rains

We have the equipment to be able to effectively and efficiently clear any blockages with our high powered water jetter, and our drain inspection camera. So because prevention is always better than cure…if you have issues with areas flooding or puddling after rain, if you haven’t had your roof cleaned for a while or your downpipes are not sufficient during heavy downpours, give us a call. We have the equipment and the experts to sort you out! 


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