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July 10th, 2019

Life is crazy busy. We get it. Does anyone else have the issue of waking up to start the day with a few loose ends they’d like to tie off throughout the day and then sits down at the end of the day and remembers…all those loose ends still untied. Gah!! The appointment they forgot to make. The plumber they forgot to book. And then the cycle of adding it back on to the to-do list continues.

Well, we understand. It happens to us. A lot. So we have come up with an option for those people who are busy and don’t get around to ringing during the day. Or those people with busy timetables who’d like to pick a time that suits them the best, working around life’s merry-go-round of activities. Or maybe you’re one of those people who think of these jobs at midnight when it’s too late to ring. That’s me. 

Our online booking option works for everyone. We claim to be friendly, fast and reliable and we try our darndest to be just that.

When you make an online booking with us, it feeds directly and automatically into our workflow program and into our schedules. We also get notifications of the booking so we can’t miss it. We will turn up within the time frame you’ve booked us for, and if we can’t for some reason we will ALWAYS let you know. Make a booking online, and we will be there. How awesome is that?



Booking online is so quick and easy. Just follow a simple series of questions which will give us all your details and the issues you’re experiencing. You can even add a photo of the problem which helps us too, particularly if it’s a little tricky or you want us to supply the same taps / toilet that you already have, or you’re looking to match up with existing fittings.

You can book any of our plumbing services online!



Step one. Pick a service.


Step two. Your details, message and upload any pics:


Step 3. Select a time that suits you:


Thank you to all our customers who have tried and tested the online booking system. It has worked extremely well on both sides of the fence so far and we’re really happy with the added dimension for our customers. We’re sure you will find our online booking system friendly, fast and reliable…just like our local plumbers!

Book our plumbers online today

Or maybe you’re happy with a good old fashioned phone call too. That’s ok. We like those too!