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Friendly. Fast. Reliable.

September 6th, 2018

We always hear a lot of complaints from customers about the difficulty of finding a local plumber… having one call back… having one answer their phone… having them turn up on time… having them turn up at all!



We ourselves have been on the receiving end of tradies who don’t answer the phone, or don’t call back. Or organise the job and then cancel a few days before (we were lucky they actually let us know) and we’ve also arranged for people to sit at home all day to let someone in who never even turned up. We are all very busy and there is nothing more frustrating than wasted time.

We have very strong values at TASM and we wanted to reflect these values in our business motto: Friendly. Fast. Reliable.


We aim to be friendly and helpful in all of our business interactions and luckily we have attracted super friendly staff in Jared and Milton as well. We regularly get compliments from customers about Tom, Jared and Milton and their friendly and helpful natures.


If we don’t answer the phone straight away, we will call back as soon as we can. We aim to respond to every job as quickly as we can.


This is a big one! We will always ring to confirm a job before we come. We send out a text message to let you know we are on our way (we now even send live trackers so you can see how far away we are…sadly we won’t bring a pizza with us as well). And we are on time. That is a guarantee. We will be there when we say we are going to be there. If an emergency comes up and we are unable to make it or we are going to be late, we will always let you know.

We also use Reece Plumbing as our suppliers. There is a very important reason for this. They supply the best quality materials. They are prominent in the area so if we need to duck away for extra materials, Reece is never too far away! They have excellent warranties on their products.

We have recently proven quite publicly, that singing is NOT Tom’s forte but our plumbing workmanship is second to none. We have excellent plumbers. And we offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship, so you can rest assured that what we provide meets Australian Standards as well as your needs. If you’re game, ask Tom for a rendition while he’s there!

So many reasons to join the growing list of happy TASM Plumbing Customers. What are you waiting for?!