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Reasons to Love an Outdoor Shower!

May 10th, 2018

We’ve installed a few outdoor showers over the years and we think they are a hidden gem, for many more reasons than the obvious…So we’ve compiled a list of reasons to have an outdoor shower installed (handy if you’re trying to convince another half that you need one!)

  1. Cleaning Kids

Let’s start with the obvious…outdoor showers are great for a quick clean up of the kids after they’ve been playing outside. They love to get dirty, and they seem to be able to do it without even trying. Our kids love sandpits too, and every time they come home from preschool, there was sand in many places it didn’t belong! With three kids, we have had to wrangle ours inside many a time while trying to avoid dirtying the floors, door handles and the bath or shower in the process. An outdoor shower is your answer right here – with the added bonus of warm water, no more whinging or squealing either!

  1. Pool Rinse off and Change Area

If you have a pool, a screened outdoor shower can give you and your visitors space and privacy to rinse off, dry and get dressed without traipsing water all through the house. I’m sold, and we don’t even have a pool!

  1. Coastal Living

From Kiama to Shellharbour to Wollongong, we are so lucky to have access to so many awesome beaches in our local area. Personally, I hate sand, and there’s nothing worse than trying to clean sand out of the car and the shower for days after a visit to the beach with the kids and / or pets. We can’t help you with sand in the car, but an outdoor shower installed by us will guarantee you aren’t cleaning sand out of the corner of the shower for days on end. Plus, no sand flicked through the house from the stripping off process. Double win!

  1. Dog Washing Station

Enough said. The perfect place to wash the dogs, with warm water. No more scratches, muddy paw prints and dog hair inside, and much cheaper and easier than going to the dog groomers. We can even attach a handheld nozzle to make the experience easier again!

  1. Post Gardening Dirt

Seasoned gardeners will know how quickly dirt can spread. An outdoor shower is perfect for keeping the dirt outside where it belongs.

  1. Dirty Workers

Does someone in your house work in a dirty environment? With the business we’re in, let’s just say ‘stuff’ quite often comes home that we don’t particularly want to bring inside! And with many industrial areas around the Illawarra like the Steelworks and all the coal mines, an outdoor shower is a no brainer.

  1. Resort Style Living

Not all of us can afford to getaway as much as we would like to. Why not bring the tropical holiday to you! What a way to finish a hot day, with a refreshing outdoor shower complete with oversized rainshower head. Bliss!

  1. Someone’s in the Dog House

Husbands are in the dog house. A lot. An outdoor shower eliminates the need for him to come inside at all. We can also hook you up with an outdoor toilet if you want to really make a point!

  1. Just Because

How many times have we heard the kids arguing because they have to wait for someone else to finish a shower so they can have one? Maybe you have visitors who stay over. Really, who wouldn’t love an extra shower? Whatever the reason, an outdoor shower framed with a jungle of potted plants is the perfect place for an extra shower, just because. What a relaxing way to finish a stressful day, with the added bonus of getting out in the elements…stress, be gone!

Go on…you know you need one!

Milton installing outdoor shower in Shellharbour concrete cut for outdoor shower installation in Shellharbour